About Investigator Mexico

Investigator Mexico is the division of Martin Investigative Services, Inc. that provides private investigation in Mexico for US-based corporations, law firms, insurance companies and the public.

Our Mexico team is made up of former Supervisory Federal agents who have actually been assigned in Mexico during their Federal careers. Some of these investigators have actually taught the Mexican Federal Police. By combining investigators living and stationed in Mexico with US-based investigators that were given these teaching assignments, we provide investigation in Mexico that is unsurpassed within the current investigative establishment.

If you are a US-citizen or corporation that needs investigation in Mexico, our firm has physical offices in the USA, miles from the Mexican border. Your investment is safe, and you can reach us if you need to.

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Our History

From 1981 through 2002, we were able to conduct private investigations in Mexico for US-based clients as well as those living in Mexico. Our investigations were delicate in nature and we were fortunate to have the trust of current Mexican officials and retired law enforcement personnel.

Things started to change in the middle of 2002. Escalated activity by drug cartels made it increasingly difficult for us to bring cases to successful conclusions. While calls, emails and faxes were coming in to us non-stop, we could not send our own investigators into Mexico. Trust-worthy Mexican counterparts were difficult to motivate and retain. Ultimately, the dangers became so prohibitive that from mid-2002 through 2004, we stopped taking cases in Mexico.

A new strategy needed to be developed. We started to think "outside the box". We wanted to develop contacts throughout Mexico to handle the case load, but we needed people that we could trust completely. This turned out to be a Herculean effort.

It took over five years for us to become confident. From 2009 to 2011, we worked many successful cases in Mexico using this approach. With that as our foundation, Investigator Mexico was developed and subsequently launched via this website in November of 2012.

At present, we take only 1 out of every 10 cases presented to us. There are many factors that go into the selection process. The main considerations are safety and the ability to provide results.